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Where can I buy WaterMe?

You can buy WaterMe through our online website at ... (our online store is currently being revamped) .

Offline Retail Partners:
Far East Flora Pte Ltd - Thomson, Queensway and Jurong Branch
Goodwood Florist Pte Ltd (Thomson)

Ban Nee Chen Pte Ltd (Marine Parade, Amber Road)

Home-Fix Pte Ltd
Available at all Singapore and Malaysia outlets.

Primula Florist & Reef (Marine Parade Central)

Click here to view their full addresses and tel numbers www.worldcloser.com/partners.html

Does the plant and bottle come with WaterMe?
No, the plant and bottle does not come with WaterMe. You can choose your favourite plant and any disposable drinking bottle to start using WaterMe.

Where do you ship to?

We currently ship to most countries. However, there may be some countries which we do not ship to due to political and taxation reasons. Countries with high credit card fraud risk are excluded as well. To find out if we ship to your country, please email to sales@worldcloser.com .

Note: For WaterMe(TM) products, we currently ship to Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Brunei, Malaysia, and Thailand. For other countries, please email to sales@worldcloser.com .

Do I need to login to purchase?
Yes, our shopping system requires you to login. The login registration process is very simple to complete. (Just 1 page).

I have forgotten my password to your shopping cart.
Go to the login screen and click on "Recover here" to retrieve your password through your email.

How does WaterMe work?

WaterMe is made up of a ceramic sensor that detects whether the soil around it is dry. If it is, water in WaterMe is transferred out to the soil; this will create a vacuum in WaterMe causing water from the bottle to be sucked into WaterMe.

For science enthusiasts, WaterMe is based upon the science of capillary action.

What kind of bottles can I use for WaterMe?
You can use most common sized disposable bottles in the market. We have a bottle cap adapter enclosed with each WaterMe to fit smaller bottles.

How long will WaterMe feed my plants for?

WaterMe can run for as long as there is water in the water source (bottle etc).
How fast the water is used/transmitted is dependant on
1) How much water your plant needs,
2) The evaporation rate due to sunlight and humidity.

A 500ml bottle can last about 3-10 days depending on the above factors. You can use a larger bottle when you need to travel for more than 1 week.

My WaterMe bottle (water source) is empty. What do I do?

Please ensure there is always water in the bottle to prevent air from entering WaterMe.

If bottle is empty, there is no cause to be concerned. Just fill up the water bottle and soak WaterMe in water for 15 mins (for stabilization). Fill up WaterMe (remove cap) and WaterMe will run again. 

My WaterMe is over-watering my plant. What do I do?

There could be two reasons why WaterMe is transferring more water than needed.
Reason 1) The water level in the bottle is higher than the WaterMe device.
Solution:   Ensure that the water level in bottle is the same or lower than WaterMe device.
Reason 2) Your newly bought WaterMe has not stabilized yet.
Solution:   Remove WaterMe from your plant. Open the WaterMe cap and soak WaterMe for at least 15 mins.

You can also reduce the water flow by lowering the bottle.

Note: For sandy soil, WaterMe may not work as designed as sandy soil may not be able to hold water. When WaterMe senses that the surrounding soil is dry, it will start transmitting water. Likewise if your soil is too loose, it may not hold water. WaterMe may not work for Cactus as the plant may continuously draw water for storage leading to the plant swelling.

My WaterMe is not transferring enough water. What do I do?

There could be a few reasons:
Reason 1) Your plant is rather large.
Solution:   Use more than one WaterMe. One WaterMe device has been tested to work on plants up to 1m high with a pot diameter of up to 25 cm.
Reason 2) WaterMe needs cleaning inside. Your water may contain impurities like soil particles or algae which may impede water transmission. Algae forms whenever there is light, nutrients and water.
Solution:   Open WaterMe cap and use your finger or tooth brush to lightly scrub the insides. You can also shoot a strong jet of water into the insides. Change the water in the bottle and fill up WaterMe with clean water.
Reason 3) Your plant has enough water. Once WaterMe senses that the soil around it is damp, it will reduce or stop water transmission. You can insert your little finger into the hole which the cone made and feel if it is moist, and if it is WaterMe is working.
Reason 4) Your soil is too dense. We have encountered a few rare cases where the soil has been drained of its nutrients (after many years) becoming clay like. You may have to put your pot under a shower and let it drench and dry. This should help soften the soil.
Solution:   WaterMe can still work in these soil conditions, provided that the root is still able to receive water through WaterMe. Ensure that WaterMe is inserted nearest to its roots. Loosening the soil may help.

How do I fertilize my plant?
You can either
1) put the fertilizer direct to your plant as usual and add water, or
2) add water soluble fertilizer into the water source, mix it well and WaterMe will transmit the water with the dissolved fertilizer into your plant.

How do I enable Javascript?

At certain sections you might need to enable Javascript to enjoy the full experience. 

To enable JavaScript in Internet Explorer:
1) Click "Tools" on the browser toolbar and select "Internet Options"
2) Choose the "Security" tag
3) Click "Custom Level"
4) Under Scripting, enable "Active Scripting"
5) Click "OK"

To enable JavaScript in Netscape:
1) Click "Edit" on the browser toolbar
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3) Expand the selection for "Advanced"
4) Under "Enable JavaScript for" check "Navigator"
5) Click "OK" The above steps may vary among different browser versions. Please click on your help function on your browser for more information.

How do I pay?

We currently accept credit cards through Paypal. Cheques are also accepted for Singapore customers only.

Is my payment secure?
Yes, we currently use Paypal for credit card transactions. We do not handle any of your credit card or bank details. Paypal has a comprehensive suite of security mechanisms to prevent fraud, ensure privacy and hardened security.

What is your exchange/refund policy?

You are eligible for an exchange if you meet any of the following conditions:
1) When you receive WaterMe in your mail and it is damaged.
2) WaterMe does not function correctly.
For exchange, please inform us within 3 days (from date of product received) through email sales@worldcloser.com and send back the damaged/non-functioning WaterMe to us at "VBox 886885 Singapore" and we will send you the replacement free.

If you bought WaterMe from any of our partners, please bring it back to them for a one-to-one exchange if unused WaterMe has any broken or missing parts within their exchange policy timelines.

All payments are non-refundable.

Updated on 12 Jan 2007

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