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Step-by-Step Instructions:
Soak Cone
Step 1: Soak WaterMe Cone for 15-30 mins. This is to expel the air in the ceramic cone. If air is not expelled there may be more water going to the plant initially.
Top up Cone
Step 2: Top up WaterMe Cone with Water.

Note: The cone must always be at least half filled with water. Why? Click here to understand how WaterMe works
Close Cap
Step 3: Close Cap on WaterMe Cone.
Snap in Seals
Step 4: Snap on Seals on Anti-Mosquito Cap.
Top up Bottle
Step 5: Top up water bottle ensuring water level in bottle is lower than WaterMe Cap.

Tips: To lower the amount the water going to the plant just lower the water level relative to the height of WaterMe cone.
Step 6: Screw on Anti-Mosquito Cap on bottle. Use Adapter for smaller bottle necks.
Plug Plant

Step 7: Plug WaterMe Cone into soil nearest to roots. Ensuring white-brownish part of Cone is covered by soil.

Tips: Every few weeks or whenever necessary water the soil around the plant. This is to ensure the soil generally is moist. If the soil is left to dry for too long, caking of the soil surface will occur and will cause the soil to be anti-water due to the natural properties of soil. To restore the natural properties of soil just do a "rinse and dry"; bring the plant under a shower of water and let the water drain out.

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