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Dear valued customer, do you want to wear clothing that cools you? Do you want to wearing clothing that stays dryer? Do you want to improve your fertility chances? Do you want to feel like a King or Pharaoh? CoolMe is your answer to Yes!


Customer Testimonials

"Happy I got them. At the end of the day, your CoolMe flax boxer shorts remained dry compared to cotton underwear or briefs which are usually mildly damp. I felt cooler wearing them as well." - Mr Kum Choy, Managing Director of a Printing Company

"I had an irritation in my groin area for a while. Despite taking stricter steps in hygiene, the condition does not improve. Sometimes the itch is unbearable. On recommendation from my sister, I changed all my cotton briefs to CoolMe boxer shorts and the results surprised me. My irritation is now greatly reduced and I feel much cooler. Thanks!"- Mr Terence, Executive of an Airline

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If you are looking for an underwear that cools you down, reduces skin irritation around the groin area, improves your fertility and fecundity circumstances and keeps you dry, CoolMe Flax Linen Underwear Boxers is your answer.

Some quick facts about Flax Linen Underwear \ Products:

- Cooler than materials like cotton
- The more you wash\laundry it, the softer it becomes
- Dries quickly due to its superior moisture wicking effect
- It is a very tough material (Pharaoh's flax linen still exists after thousands of years)
- Flax Industry was the first in the world
- Worn by Kings, Priests and Pharaohs
- Aids male fertility and fecundity circumstances due to its cooling nature

You can either purchase CoolMe underwear on CoolMe store or at eBay.

CoolMe, keeping you cool with flax

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CoolMe, keeping you cool with flax linen